Are you a hotelier looking to improve your overall hotel experience and increase revenue? Use hotel business intelligence to win.

When it comes to being a more efficient hotel, it’s about being able to visualize everything that is going on in your hotel at one time – and in one place.  Do you know how many room repairs you need done? How many wake-up calls were scheduled for Wednesday’s big conference?  How many VIP guests need private cars to the airport on Thursday? The key for a hotel is to have all of this data in one simple dashboard that you can access at your fingertips, and be able to make the correct decisions on where to put your time and human resources most effectively.

Hotel business intelligence is something that hotel managers are going to need to be ultra focused-on, now that their guests are demanding a better on-demand experience. How can a hotel know which guest requests to fulfill first if they don’t have a global view of the priorities of their property on a given night? Understanding guest requests and hotel tasks within a global view, is something that every hotel manager should have, and needs. In an environment where an increase in guest satisfaction has become synonym with a hotel’s increase in revenue, nothing is more important than hotel business and guest intelligence.

It is of utmost important that Hoteliers be able to track every guest interaction. They need to reap the advantages of hotel business intelligence value not just for themselves, but for their general manager, their head of maintenance, their head of housekeeping, and the list goes on.  Tracking all the operations in the hotel, and then analyzing them for future benefit, is what leads to hotels increasing their productivity.  This will eventually lead to a lowering of staff and operational costs, and ultimately, an increase in revenue through the simply streamlining of the entire management of their hotel.

Here are a few stories that illustrate how hotels better manage their hotel operations, staffing, and guest requests using TheBesty at their hotel.

  • A hotel manager was able to analyze their guest requests and notice that there was an usual amount of “clean room guest requests” only hours after check-in. This seemed very unusual, and what they found was that a few rooms in the hotel had a not-so-obvious leak over their respective bed corners. It then made sense that these guests, just a few hours after check-in – were requesting bed changes because they found their bed cover damp. This was fixed, and the hotel not only increased their overall guest experience, but they were able to save thousands of dollars in eventual roofing repairs had they not caught the problem as soon as they did.
  • A hotel manager desperately wanted to increase their TripAdvisor rankings. He asked TheBesty team to make sure that anytime there was an issue; that a hotel guest could report the issue through their custom hotel app while still at their hotel, so that they could fix any problem before the guest left the property.  This simple mobile guest review integration resulted in a 3x TripAdvisor boost for the hotel over the course of 3 months, and overall, happier hotel guests.  These guests felt like they left the hotel with no issues because anything that came up, the hotel staff would solve right there on the spot.
  • One hotel had so many mobile hotel requests through TheBesty that they had to figure out the best handle them efficiently through their hotel dashboard. The manger decided that they would use TheBesty hotel chat system, so that as a requests were being fulfilled, the hotel could simply chat with the guests directly through the app.  The result, guest requests were fulfilled, guests were happy, and the communication between the hotel and the guest increased; which in turn – caused overall guest satisfaction to rise dramatically.

If you are a hotel interested in increasing your guest satisfaction and overall hotel revenue by implementing a mobile solution in your hotel, please visit us TheBesty.

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