Hotel Technology for 2017 – Your Hotel’s Guest Experience Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Think about how your hotel interacts with its guests. Now think about how your hotel interacted with guests 10 years ago. What’s changed? I would bet not much, especially in terms of service. While quality service is vital, there is room for improvement in terms of just how this service is provided. With tons of room for innovation, a wave of new hotel technologies are taking over the market, designed to make your guests’ stay that much more enjoyable. With these latest advancements, not only are you able to eliminate your guests’ need to check out the tours desk at your hotel by allowing them to be able to book all sorts of activities directly from their mobile device, but they’ll also be able to communicate directly with your hotel’s concierge for any assistance they may require in their own native language.

Associate Editor, Elliott Mest, confirms in his recent Hotel Management article that

“Direct text communication between hotels and guests is going to grow in leaps and bounds in hospitality as these apps become more fully utilized in 2017”

For example, guests will be able to schedule a wake up call, arrange a taxi pick up, or request room service with the tap of a finger. If they need another kind of assistance, they’ll be able to engage in a Live Chat, allowing them to text directly with the front desk. This quick and convenient mode of communication is a great solution to long lines at the concierge and misunderstandings over the phone.


Now, what good would all these services be if guests (and hotel staff alike) couldn’t communicate in their own languages? Guests being able to fully express their wants or needs is vital in ensuring quality service. That’s why in that same Hotel Management article, TheBesty founder and CEO Matt Baer explains that

“We wanted to integrate our chat option in a way that allowed foreigners to speak in their language and translate it on the fly to chat back. If guests have a question they can ask our chat, in their native language, and any employee can answer it.”


With this real-time translation, guests can comfortably communicate with any staff member without worrying about language barriers. This not only makes chatting simpler, but it also has great potential to improve guest satisfaction as there is less room for error when requests are written out and automatically translated to the preferred language of both parties.


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