Going Mobile: Why You Should Optimise Your Hotel Website For Mobile

Technology use whilst abroad is constantly increasing. A recent survey found that 86% of travellers carry a mobile phone with them, while the average traveller will check this phone up to 150 times per day. These are astonishing figures and indicate that in order to remain competitive in such a technology-based world, it would be wise for hotels to have a mobile optimised website, allowing their customers to quickly and easily view rooms and make reservations whilst on the go.

One of the main advantages of optimising your hotel website for mobile is the improved user experience that it provides. According to studies, mobile users will abandon a page if they have to wait more than 6-10 seconds for it to load, while another report showed that 60% of mobile users in the past year have encountered problems when browsing websites that have led them to abandon the page. These stats demonstrate how important it is for hotel’s to develop their website for mobile if they want to drive direct bookings through their own page. Online travel agencies all have optimised websites, and even apps. However, they take a significant commission on bookings, making it cost effective for hotels to develop their own mobile-friendly pages.

Another benefit of going mobile is the improved search engine optimisation (SEO) it provides for hotels. Search engines recommend that companies and hotels build a separate HTML website to serve mobile users. This in turn increases the likelihood that the hotel website will rank well in Google mobile search results, and hence drive more site traffic.

Finally, it gives hotels a competitive edge over competing establishments. Regardless of whether your hotel has better facilities, friendlier staff and more delicious food, if your competitor is set up with a beautiful, quick, easy to use, mobile-friendly website, its likely that mobile users will be turned into customers for them. As previously mentioned, people don’t like to spend ages waiting for a page to load, only to have some of the text cut off or photos that don’t load properly. If you want to put your hotel above the rest and ahead of the game, optimising for mobile is essential.

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ibc-hospitality-technology-h-e1479402302988Original photo: http://www.ibchospitality.com

Companies such as IBC guarantee to help hotels ‘enter the fast lane’, so to speak, with a premium booking engine including guest add-ons, email notifications and in building a new mobile-friendly and search-optimized website. As noted, this will put the company ahead of the game, above competitors and help turn as many of those 86% of travellers as possible into customers.

If you are a hotel looking to take your property mobile in order to provide guests with better access to your services & amenities and increase revenue, please visit TheBestyHotel.

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