A Thousand Words: Importance Of Visuals For Hotels

Advertising, search engine optimization and positive reviews are all important factors in bringing customers to your hotel. Without them you could expect to see a fall in bookings and, subsequently, a fall in revenue. However, one simple yet essential method in attracting potential customers is very often overlooked, despite the numerous benefits it yields. In an age where people are constantly on the move and with increasingly shorter attention spans, visuals have become one of the most important tools in making people buy a product, or indeed, make a reservation at a hotel.


Statistics show that, as humans, we retain up to 80% of what we see and only around 20% of what we read. This is important knowledge for selling your hotel, particularly when your potential customer is looking at various different establishments. No matter how good of a description your hotel has, some professional standard photos will be more likely to stick in people’s minds and make them go back to make a reservation, particularly when they are quickly scanning through a number of different places. AirBnb hosts found that when taking clear, professional-looking photos for their properties, bookings jumped and, in some cases, even doubled.


Visual images are also important for hotels as they help to reduce the risk of disappointed customers and a subsequent scathing review. Descriptions can only go so far in presenting a room and its services to a potential guest, while a photo can say much more and holds more truth. If a customer books a room due to the ‘double bed’ advertised in the description, only to discover that it’s significantly smaller than what they’d imagined, there could be complications. However, when guests can clearly see the size, colour, position of the window, features of the en-suite etc, there is very little room for misunderstanding. This avoids potentially complicated situations for the hotel and helps to maintain a level of trust between hotel and client.

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Original photo: http://www.ibchospitality.com

Companies such as IBC help to get hotel’s visual content in front of the right people. Through their partnership with ICE portal, IBC puts hotel’s visuals in front of 11 million unique visitors each month. Their hotel management software automatically optimizes photos, videos, and virtual tours for distribution to sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Google, and Facebook, helping to increase bookings and customer satisfaction as aforementioned.

If you are a hotel looking to take your property mobile in order to provide guests with better access to your services & amenities and increase revenue, please visit TheBestyHotel.

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