Why OPERA Oracle PMS is Scalable to Your Growing Boutique or Hotel Chain

Oracle hospitality OPERA Cloud services is a platform for coordinating hotel objectives like the operational functions at front desk, as well as sales, distribution, reporting etc. It offers services that bring hotel’s efficiency to that next level by being comprehensive for the upcoming generations while enhancing guest’s experiences. Not only does up and coming technology such as PMS services improve guest experiences, but also by streamlining hotel business, it makes the employee-enterprise experience better too.


Oracle dominates global hotelier software platforms; and many immediately link Oracle to companies with big budgets for software, but actually they also understand the needs of independent hoteliers too and are very scalable. ‘Any property from boutique to chain hotels can make use of this popular solution’ with three levels offered (premium, standard and lite). Here’s why:


  • Great profile management: This can capture guest’s preference and cater to it in order to personalise their experiences and improve loyalty to hotelier.
  • Accommodation management: Oracle Hospitality allows employees to manage all facets of room supervision including availability, maintenance, and housekeeping.
  • Multi-property configuration: With flexible inventory and rate controls, managing multiple property reservations and varying reservation types is easy.
  • Multi-lingual and global currency functions: Increases efficiency in global customer’s reservations
  • Group streamlining: The software’s built in work-flow creates a seamless experience for group reservations.
  • Revenue and rate management: This allows employees to identify best rates for guests, cross-selling and up-selling, in order to maximise revenue
  • Lower IT Complexity and Costs –The Cloud is one of the best systems for centralising IT systems to reduce IT complexity, allowing the enterprise to focus on other functions and lower their capital expenditure on IT.



  • Outdated interface for some properties
  • Sometimes slow during check-in/checkout


Costs are not published by Oracle, however you can call their support team to get a quote.

Overall the OPERA Oracle PMS allows you to deliver first class customer service with its vast number of connection options that allows you to deliver personalised services. With its advanced rate management software you can maximise revenue whilst streamlining operations. It’s scalability allows you to continuously evolve your business’ capabilities as it grows from boutique to hotel chain.

Go to https://www.oracle.com/industries/hospitality/products/opera-property-services/index.html to find out more about OPERA Oracle PMS.

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