Why OPERA Oracle PMS is Scalable to Your Growing Boutique or Hotel Chain

Oracle hospitality OPERA Cloud services is a platform for coordinating hotel objectives like the operational functions at front desk, as well as sales, distribution, reporting etc. It offers services that bring hotel’s efficiency to that next level by being comprehensive for the upcoming generations while enhancing guest’s experiences. Not only does up and coming technology such as PMS services improve guest experiences, but also by streamlining hotel business, it makes the employee-enterprise experience better too.


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A Thousand Words: Importance Of Visuals For Hotels

Advertising, search engine optimization and positive reviews are all important factors in bringing customers to your hotel. Without them you could expect to see a fall in bookings and, subsequently, a fall in revenue. However, one simple yet essential method in attracting potential customers is very often overlooked, despite the numerous benefits it yields. In an age where people are constantly on the move and with increasingly shorter attention spans, visuals have become one of the most important tools in making people buy a product, or indeed, make a reservation at a hotel.


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