Why OPERA Oracle PMS is Scalable to Your Growing Boutique or Hotel Chain

Oracle hospitality OPERA Cloud services is a platform for coordinating hotel objectives like the operational functions at front desk, as well as sales, distribution, reporting etc. It offers services that bring hotel’s efficiency to that next level by being comprehensive for the upcoming generations while enhancing guest’s experiences. Not only does up and coming technology such as PMS services improve guest experiences, but also by streamlining hotel business, it makes the employee-enterprise experience better too.


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roomMaster: The Affordable Full-Featured Solution

RoomMaster is the most powerful, flexible, easy to use, and affordable property management system.

This fully-integrated solution adapts to the needs of all types of properties, allowing you to work the way you want. roomMaster provides you with the tools to manage your business efficiently, make it more profitable, and have more time to attend to your guests’ needs.

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A Thousand Words: Importance Of Visuals For Hotels

Advertising, search engine optimization and positive reviews are all important factors in bringing customers to your hotel. Without them you could expect to see a fall in bookings and, subsequently, a fall in revenue. However, one simple yet essential method in attracting potential customers is very often overlooked, despite the numerous benefits it yields. In an age where people are constantly on the move and with increasingly shorter attention spans, visuals have become one of the most important tools in making people buy a product, or indeed, make a reservation at a hotel.


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Going Mobile: Why You Should Optimise Your Hotel Website For Mobile

Technology use whilst abroad is constantly increasing. A recent survey found that 86% of travellers carry a mobile phone with them, while the average traveller will check this phone up to 150 times per day. These are astonishing figures and indicate that in order to remain competitive in such a technology-based world, it would be wise for hotels to have a mobile optimised website, allowing their customers to quickly and easily view rooms and make reservations whilst on the go.

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The Importance Of A Metasearch Solution For Your Hotel

A metasearch engine is a search engine that goes through hotel rates and availability across the web displaying and comparing the combined results all in one place, saving the customer time spent clicking on multiple websites. This means that such metasearch engines as Tripadvisor, Trivago, Webjet and Skyscanner allow smaller hotels to be on the same playing field as larger hotels or chains, since they use their platforms as a place to advertise hotels, regardless of size, cost or revenue. There are a number of advantages linked to the use of these sites over OTAs or spending thousands on advertising.


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How Rewarding Your Guests Will Help Your Hotel

Understanding the importance of gaining and retaining customers can be the difference between success and failure for a hotel. With so much competition, it can be difficult to find space to breathe in the hospitality industry. However, one tool that hotels have increasingly started to take advantage of is loyalty programs for their customers. These act not only in rewarding existing customers for their loyalty, but also in attracting new customers who are incentivized to stay at the hotel due to the added benefits its offers.

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Why Bypassing OTAs Is Essential To Hotels’ Revenue

Online Travel Agencies, also known as OTAs, are websites that provide hotels with more of an online presence and the ability to offer their rooms to a wider audience, with the idea being that they will help create a brand, and therefore increase sales.  However, evidence has increasingly emerged to suggest that OTAs could in fact be more damaging than beneficial to hotels.  Despite the obvious fact that the commission from OTAs eats up a significant percentage of profits, there are also a number of long term effects that can have a dramatic impact on the hotel’s future.

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Hotel Technology for 2017 – Your Hotel’s Guest Experience Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Think about how your hotel interacts with its guests. Now think about how your hotel interacted with guests 10 years ago. What’s changed? I would bet not much, especially in terms of service. While quality service is vital, there is room for improvement in terms of just how this service is provided. With tons of room for innovation, a wave of new hotel technologies are taking over the market, designed to make your guests’ stay that much more enjoyable. With these latest advancements, not only are you able to eliminate your guests’ need to check out the tours desk at your hotel by allowing them to be able to book all sorts of activities directly from their mobile device, but they’ll also be able to communicate directly with your hotel’s concierge for any assistance they may require in their own native language.

Associate Editor, Elliott Mest, confirms in his recent Hotel Management article that

“Direct text communication between hotels and guests is going to grow in leaps and bounds in hospitality as these apps become more fully utilized in 2017”

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Are you a hotelier looking to improve your overall hotel experience and increase revenue? Use hotel business intelligence to win.

When it comes to being a more efficient hotel, it’s about being able to visualize everything that is going on in your hotel at one time – and in one place.  Do you know how many room repairs you need done? How many wake-up calls were scheduled for Wednesday’s big conference?  How many VIP guests need private cars to the airport on Thursday? The key for a hotel is to have all of this data in one simple dashboard that you can access at your fingertips, and be able to make the correct decisions on where to put your time and human resources most effectively.

Hotel business intelligence is something that hotel managers are going to need to be ultra focused-on, now that their guests are demanding a better on-demand experience. How can a hotel know which guest requests to fulfill first if they don’t have a global view of the priorities of their property on a given night? Understanding guest requests and hotel tasks within a global view, is something that every hotel manager should have, and needs. In an environment where an increase in guest satisfaction has become synonym with a hotel’s increase in revenue, nothing is more important than hotel business and guest intelligence.

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Hotel Mobile App Guest Request Findings in Santiago, Chile

Top  Hotel Guest Requests in Chile by Neighborhood

TheBesty is the leading mobile app for hotels in Chile.  Hotels are utilizing TheBesty Hotel App to improve hotel guest satisfaction and overall hotel revenue.  In talking with front desk staff, concierges, and our own mobile app data, we have compiled a list of the top things being requested by guests staying at hotels in different neighborhoods in Santiago,Chile.   Having the ability for hotel guests to instantly communicate with the hotel inside and outside of a given hotel property, raises the level of overall customer service, and gives hotel guests a sense that their hotel is really there for them.  We find that this level of comfort is important for all guests, but even more important for international guests that may not know the local language.   Further, giving hotel guests access to a local expert in live chat makes them feel like they are “living like a local” – something that we find hotel guests are keen to do.  We also find that hotel guests like to have local information at their fingertips such as maps, food information, and event info – something that we provide with our Local Guide.

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