La Sebastiana Suite : A house away from home.

“La Sebastiana is a home away from home. Close to the metro, and easy to get a taxi, I would definitely recommend it and I would stay here again. It has a lovely cafe downstairs, and shop next door. “A traveler from New Zealand.

Vue La Seb.jpg


La Sebastiana suites has just integrated the mobile technology to its property with hotel platform TheBesty. This means that from now on all guests can enjoy the hotel, its services and amenities simply by connecting with their mobile device.

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Are you a hotelier looking to improve your overall hotel experience and increase revenue? Use hotel business intelligence to win.

When it comes to being a more efficient hotel, it’s about being able to visualize everything that is going on in your hotel at one time – and in one place.  Do you know how many room repairs you need done? How many wake-up calls were scheduled for Wednesday’s big conference?  How many VIP guests need private cars to the airport on Thursday? The key for a hotel is to have all of this data in one simple dashboard that you can access at your fingertips, and be able to make the correct decisions on where to put your time and human resources most effectively.

Hotel business intelligence is something that hotel managers are going to need to be ultra focused-on, now that their guests are demanding a better on-demand experience. How can a hotel know which guest requests to fulfill first if they don’t have a global view of the priorities of their property on a given night? Understanding guest requests and hotel tasks within a global view, is something that every hotel manager should have, and needs. In an environment where an increase in guest satisfaction has become synonym with a hotel’s increase in revenue, nothing is more important than hotel business and guest intelligence.

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