La Sebastiana Suite : A house away from home.

“La Sebastiana is a home away from home. Close to the metro, and easy to get a taxi, I would definitely recommend it and I would stay here again. It has a lovely cafe downstairs, and shop next door. “A traveler from New Zealand.

Vue La Seb.jpg


La Sebastiana suites has just integrated the mobile technology to its property with hotel platform TheBesty. This means that from now on all guests can enjoy the hotel, its services and amenities simply by connecting with their mobile device.

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La Casa Roja : The Heart of Santiago

“I only visited Santiago for a few days, but thoroughly enjoyed my stay at La Casa Roja Hostel. The staff was very welcoming and helpful regarding tips. There is also an outdoor bar, several common spaces (indoor and outdoor), as well as a swimming pool! While I was there they had a pool party. It was enjoyable and a lot of people showed up. I also enjoyed this neighborhood. It was about a 30-40 minute walk to the downtown but had great “feels” and character!” – Shannon B.


La Casa Roja has just gone completely mobile with the integration of TheBesty Mobile Hospitality platform. This means that all guests can now enjoy the hotel, all it’s services, and amenities simply by connecting with their mobile device!

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A Thousand Words: Importance Of Visuals For Hotels

Advertising, search engine optimization and positive reviews are all important factors in bringing customers to your hotel. Without them you could expect to see a fall in bookings and, subsequently, a fall in revenue. However, one simple yet essential method in attracting potential customers is very often overlooked, despite the numerous benefits it yields. In an age where people are constantly on the move and with increasingly shorter attention spans, visuals have become one of the most important tools in making people buy a product, or indeed, make a reservation at a hotel.


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